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21st Floor Kuwait Building,
Fahad Al Salem Street,
Qibla, Kuwait

P.O.BOX: 121, Al Souq Al
Dakhly, Postal
Code 15252, Kuwait

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  • 1.How accessible are my documents?

    Almost as if they were in your office, in the case that a particular record is required, the client simply calls, faxes, e-mails, or enters a request through our secure web server. Our advanced software is able to track the file required instantaneously, if the client requires the original file it can be sent within the hour, by the end of the business day, or by the beginning of the next business day depending on urgency. Alternatively, if it is not confidential, the particular record within the file can be faxed, or scanned and sent to the client’s e-mail inbox.

  • 2.How do we trust you with the safety and security of our documents?

    The investment that MENAFile makes in safety and security at our storage facility is best in class, and it saves the client from making the same investment themselves, from intrusion detection, to break in alarms, to 24-hour guards, to state of the art fire fighting systems, our facility is designed to outclass any other.

  • 3.What about confidentiality?

    At MENAFile our business depends on the safety and security of your records, whereas at your organization an employee could leave at any point in time, and when he or she decides to do so prior to informing you, they still have access to all of your information, at MenaFile we are the guardians of your information, both legally and physically.

  • 4.What if we are a small organization and do not have a large number of records?

    Whether you need to store 5 or 500,000 boxes we will meet and exceed your requirements and expectations. No matter the size of your organization we will be here to grow with your needs and to support you no matter how basic or how involved your requirements are.

  • 5.What if we store our documents on site?

    A quick look at comparative office space rental rates shows us that the current average ranges from 7 – 14 KD per square meter, a quick calculation will show that your records are costing you the space they occupy multiplied by the current average rent, this is the opportunity cost represented by keeping your records on site.

  • 6.What if we have our own warehouse?

    If an organization owns or rents its own warehouse one of two things must be happening;

    Either it is underutilizing the warehouse,

    Or it is over-utilizing it.

    In the case of underutilization, a company may own or rent a 1000 square meter facility but only be utilizing about 700 square meters, and simply keeps the rest for future growth, this is a significant opportunity cost and represents wasted capital. In the case of over-utilization, a company may own or rent a 1000 square meter facility but has already outstripped its capacity which leads to record loss or damage, the only way to remedy this situation is to invest in a new facility which means searching, buying, building, and moving, a huge expense.

    At MENAFile you only pay for exactly what you use, i.e. the client is charged per box, per month;

    No wasted capital.

    No damage.

    No buying.

    No moving.